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Is it possible to be a ‘hands off’ mom?

2022.01.21 20:30 old_story5500 Is it possible to be a ‘hands off’ mom?

My partner would like to have kids soon. I am not very interested, but willing to consider it if I do not have to be involved at the level of a typical mom; I am not interested in or comfortable with pregnancy, breastfeeding, constant physical contact, or singularly devoted caretaking. He has agreed that we can have the child via surrogate, and hire a nanny to accomplish this. But I am still very afraid that motherhood is an ‘all-encompassing’ or ‘engulfing’ task, and am unwilling to do it if this is the case. What’s more, is it necessarily the case that there is a difference between motherhood and fatherhood, in the amount or type of time spent caretaking, and is this important or meaningful in any way? I will be a parent, but not a ‘mother’, if that makes sense. I know that many happy and healthy babies are raised by two dads, and so would something functionally equivalent work in our case?
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2022.01.21 20:30 ppppie_ girls don’t exist

girls are fake they aren’t real
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2022.01.21 20:30 amnecessaryevil 3 hours to replace battery at Geek Squad?

My X is at 79% and lagging for basic functions. My phone has 3 fn- play music, calls and texts. Minimal user and I charge my phone once every 24hrs. Why won’t Apple actually give us steps and time involved in this process, showed up Best Buy and the rep mentioned I’ve to drop off phone as they get about 50 Apple devices for service in almost every location with limited resources to perform the repair. WTF!
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2022.01.21 20:30 henrikmarkusson Why oh why

I can actually not understand why survivors are so fkn salty. I dont get it are you all age 5 and beeing salty makes you feel big and cool? I main survivor and I have never ever been tbaggin or been salty. Grow up cnts 😌
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2022.01.21 20:30 Madsmathis Af ren interesse, hvor mange danskere følger egentligt med i amerikanske sportsgrene?

Tænker de 4 store: basketball, amerikansk fodbold, ishockey og baseball. En ven og jeg var lidt interesseret i at finde ud af det, da vi føler at især basketball er ved at tage lidt af de seneste par år.
View Poll
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2022.01.21 20:30 ju_ti 🍔 Get 5$ off First SkipTheDishes Order! 🍔 - Skip The Dishes Coupon Code www.skipthedishes.com/r/1rqwnNEUHJ

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2022.01.21 20:30 whowouldwinGPT2Bot Saitama vs Thanos

Round 1: Saitama at base, no prep time, Battle in the real world. He has 100% certainty that he can win.
Round 2: Saitama at maximum potential, and can use the power of the World to give himself the power to defeat Thanos.
Bonus Round: Saitama vs Thanos in a 1v1 fight.
Edit: Saitama's feats
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2022.01.21 20:30 VeryAlexander Confused Anatolian troops

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2022.01.21 20:30 Obvious-Reality-5458 Omen 30l swapping case, keeping Motherboard?

So i just ordered a new case (phanteks p600s) and a better cooler (noctua nh-d15) for my omen 30l (rtx 3080 and i11900k . Do i HAVE to replace the motherboard as well? I would like to keep it, cause i dont want to spend another 300 euro yet . Any experience with keeping the original omen mobo?
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2022.01.21 20:30 BruteSentiment Automatic strike zone coming to AAA (West) in '22

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2022.01.21 20:30 spooktree The Yardbirds - Heart Full Of Soul (live '65)

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2022.01.21 20:30 pleasedontfollowm3-5 Davika Hoorne

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2022.01.21 20:30 FarProgress869 Wer jemanden für mich spielt mit Bildern bekommt ne Dropbox

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2022.01.21 20:30 Scavanger77 the new Wheels in use

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2022.01.21 20:30 zoologygirl16 Boy arrived

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2022.01.21 20:30 Ultra_Villain Where to start in Cypher, codes, stenography and the like.

The 10th saga came up, and I've seen a few others like the 097, and I get how the first one had Morse code but I don't really understand how answers are concluded in puzzles and how codes are found within images and pages like this. How does one discern what is code and what kind of code you're presented with?
In other words, where can I start if I want to learn how to be able to solve or make these things?
v sbyybjrq gur ehyrf
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2022.01.21 20:30 Nashy93 Streamers/Knowledge/Improving

Hi Community,
new player here. My gf showed me the game last week. She was into playing PvE and chilling vs. Bots - play Northgard like Anno 1602. I enjoyed playing like this. Then, when I had some extra time for myself while she was at work I went down the rabbit hole and explored PvP multiplayer for the first time. It was insane, I love this game. Grew up with WC3 and can see many parallels between NG and WC3, yet, NG is so fresh and unique.
So far so good. I’m the type of player who digs deep if he enjoys a game. I want to improve and learn much more about the game, so what I’m looking for is:

  1. „Pro“ Player Footage, Youtubers, Streamers
  2. Written Guides on Clans, Gameplay, Tactics
  3. Patch Notes and Discussion ( I can find that here partly, I’m aware)
  4. Viable Combinations in 2v2, 3v3 and so on - explaining the role of a Clan in General as well as in specific comps
  5. Content that is state-of-the-art - when I browse YouTube for guides I only find videos from 2020
Share everything you’ve got - I want to be better at NG since I’m enjoying it so much at the moment.
Have a good one. Nashy
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2022.01.21 20:30 ssssssssssssnack Break light is being funny..

To start off with, I just need advice on what I believe is an electrical problem with my car. I have a 2014 Hyundai Accent. One of my break lights is being funky. I have lights that you switch on. When the lights are not switched on (for daytime lights) one of my break lights doesn’t work. But when my lights are switched on, the same break light will stay on even if I’m not pressing the break pedal. I just wanted advice on what might be causing it whether it’s a spark plug, the break pedal switch, or some wiring thing. Any advice helps, thank you.
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2022.01.21 20:30 Ok_Theory_6573 TheAstralTrinityMC[SMP]{Semi-vanilla}《1.18.1》

TheAstralTrinityMC bedrock 14+ SMP that focuses on quality over quantity. We are on our 2 season soon gonna be on our third! We have a memeber count of 100 and still growing!
Season 1 featured a shopping district, several mega-bases and with a whole new map every season!
Our application process ensures our community is safe from griefing and hacking! Anyone is welcome experienced or inexperienced players! As long as you are active
What we have to offer:
⛧• Shopping District to sell and buy whatever whenever ⛧• farms/mob farms ⛧• Mega bases and other mega projects ⛧• Safe and friendly diverse community and LGBTQ+ ⛧• Small community easy to make friends with ⛧• Application process! ⛧• peaceful grinding with no trouble or drama ⛧• one player sleep and even anti griefing! ⛧• starter house to make starting easy
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2022.01.21 20:30 shitfacedbeauty NIPT for gender @ 10W?

Hi, did any of you ladies find out your babies gender via NIPT at or around the 10 week mark.
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2022.01.21 20:30 Fun-Aardvark8869 Anybody was a rebound and got the last laugh or happy ending minus being involved w the player?

I realized I was played it really sucks. The player also seems to not even give a fuck. Ugh trying not to go after for revenge.
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2022.01.21 20:30 GuessRevolutionary39 New PC (Sucks)

Hi so just want to know what I can. I bought a pc and it sucks, it has a
Ryzen 3 ASRock A32OM/AC mobo GTX 710 8gb ram 1tb Hard drive 500gb SSD
You guys have any suggestions on what I should do? Should I sell it and buy a new one, or should I upgrade it and if so what should I do?
If you guys can help that would be amazing.
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2022.01.21 20:30 bewareofthefeels How do ya'll feel about transitioning?

Yo I'm not even trans, I'm a muslim women, but like I was wondering do you guys like take pills or something when you transition? I know that you guys put hormones into your body to change your physique, but like idk how it really works and was just wondering. Also like are u guys more happy with transitioning? Do u feel more comfortable or like does the dysphoria go away? Tbh idk that's why I'm asking.
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2022.01.21 20:30 gloacity Diamond 4 NAE

looking for a consistent team that gives good comms and that are aggressive 1.8kd 20 bomb 4k bang & wraith
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2022.01.21 20:30 NezLunar21 How do I tell this girl I'm not into her?

This girl at work told me she has a huge crush on me. I don't feel the same but she's a nice person and I don't mind being friends but she keeps bringing it up that she likes me. It's getting a little awkward at work with the jokes from other co-workers because I guess she tells other people how much she likes me and how "fine" she thinks I am.
Part of the problem is that I am attracted to men but I don't feel comfortable disclosing that with my co-workers or feel like I should have to share that about my personal life.
Anyway how do I let her down easy without being a jerk or anyone's feeings getting hurt?
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