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John Dwyer plays guitar like he’s singing a Devo song

He's So Fine has nothing that sounds remotely like that. To say that the songs are identical just because the lyrics are sung in the same key progression is ludicrous. Totally discounts the rest of the song, which is the majority. By the way, He's So Fine also has a bridge, which My Sweet Lord does not. Markantney from Biloxe Jun 2015, Screeching Weasel is an American punk rock band consisting of Ben Weasel (vocals), Trevor Jackson (guitar), Mike Hunchback (guitar), Zach "Poutine" Brandner (bass) and Pierre Marche (drums). Screeching Weasel is originally from the Chicago suburb of Prospect Heights, Illinois. The band was formed in 1986 by Ben Weasel and John Jughead.Since their formation, Screeching Weasel have reformed ... Animals Not to Scale: By virtue of the "animals" being people in costumes.; Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: Season 3's contestants are made to appear this way in the intro to the season premiere.; Dramatic Unmask: Every contestant must eventually do this.; Friendly Enemy: In general, the contestants are very likely to be seen applauding one another and joking around together, and there are ... A daily briefing on what matters in the music industry Send us a tip using our anonymous form. A daily briefing on what matters in the music industry Send us a tip using our anonymous form ... Keith from Front Royal, Va 1.Yes, Keith played bass and lead guitar on this song. 2."The bodies stank" is the correct line. 3.Comparing Guns-n-Roses (though a very good band) to the Stones is completely ridiculous. G-N-R did a lousy job with this song. Slash is a great player but even he wouldn't be so stupid as to claim he's better than Keith ... Karaoke is about fun, so don’t forget to pick a song that you truly enjoy singing! If you’re prone to nervousness, consider picking a more up-tempo tune, as it will make it less likely for nerves to show. If you’re nervous and singing a ballad, your voice can get shaky. Also, consider choosing a good karaoke song that you know inside and ... Upgrade to Inside PRO risk-free for 30 days. Join Inside PRO to gain access to our Slack community of over 2,500 entrepreneurs and executives, participate in community-only AMAs, and more for only $200 per year - try risk free for 30 days. Paste Music is home to the world's largest live-music archive, covering everything from rock and jazz to hip hop, country and pop. Song year: 1976. There are few bands that epitomize the quirky, rawness of “new wave” like Devo. The song tells a story of Sally, who gets hit by “space junk.” And by the end of the song, she’s dead because of the junk. The narrator, therefore, expresses his distaste for things flying down from space. "My Sweet Lord" is a song by English musician George Harrison, released in November 1970 on his triple album All Things Must Pass. It was also released as a single, Harrison's first as a solo artist, and topped charts worldwide; it was the biggest-selling single of 1971 in the UK.

2022.01.21 20:33 youngrockyraccoon John Dwyer plays guitar like he’s singing a Devo song

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2022.01.21 20:33 lam4_ Bitcoin is absolutely eating it. I wonder what Monday will bring to the table 🤔

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2022.01.21 20:33 DN7OceanBlue Abstract attempt V2! (Feedback is appreciated)

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2022.01.21 20:33 chaitealattenowater Need advice on what to do

So my initial plan was to buy as many strawberries for spring once the egg festival comes, but I didn’t get to to do level 41 in the mines so I can’t make sprinklers. I’m on day 12 and have about 5,000g from mainly fishing. What’s a good way to spend the 5,000g?
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2022.01.21 20:33 DemUnderground Opinion: Courts hand Donald Trump loss after loss after loss

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2022.01.21 20:33 BeyondEnglightenment See how the Colts perform in the Top 10 Most Popular NFL teams of the last 20 years based of yearly attendance (2001-2022)

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2022.01.21 20:33 lawyersgunznmoney90 [Homemade] Batloaf, mashed potatoes, broccoli and mushrooms

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2022.01.21 20:33 zzill6 How Did This Happen?!

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2022.01.21 20:33 SwanBetter5239 A song from the past (1928) for my fellow BBIG squad on our lomotif app..."I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You)." Love you all...Holding cause I have you.👍💪

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2022.01.21 20:33 maelstrom_21 M4F medieval fantasy rp

The humans of Valdamar had once been amongst the most power races in all of Sindria, their territory as vast as any other. Like every other race, they could command the power of magic but what had set then apart was rare ability to use more then one type of magic. Some records stating that there were some able to use up to 5 different forms of magic. This however was a long ago, before the time when humans fell from their position of power.
1000 years ago, the self proclaimed 'god' king, Darius rise to power and in his arrogance and hubris, believed Humans the rightful rulers of all Sindria. He gathered his legions and began and bloody campaign to claim the lands he believed rightfully his. The humans crushed army after army of elves, dwarves, beast kin and many others as they spread, claiming more and more land. The other races of Sindria banded together and upon the redrock Plains, they defeated the so called God king and his armies.
This was however just the start of the human's downfall. Their territories were cut to but a fraction and overseen by rulers of other races but the biggest blow came from many believed was a punishment from the gods. In more then 800 years not a single human has been born with the ability to use magic, for the hubris of one man, the gods seemingly stripped humanity of its power.
Humans now exist in almost subservience to other races, their leaders nothing more then puppets for the stronger leaders, however they aren't slaves and some humans are even given a place amongst the other races. One such case is that of the ranger's, a Legion of humans that show remarkable skill in combat and given the chance to train and serve alongside (your character's race).
But what would happen if a human did possess magic? Would it be the beginning of restoring balance or would it herald an even greater threat?
Hey there and thank you for read through a rough idea for a prompt I had, it's still in early stages and I'm really looking for a partner that can help me add to it or even make changes. The plot could go in a number of directions, I do have some ideas but also would lobe to hear any you have. Ideally I would love a partner that enjoys his world building and character development, enjoys plots that combine action, adventure, drama and romance. I do prefer someone that is preferably 20+ due to my own age. I would like someone that writes at a similar level to me (lit to adv. Lit multi paragraph) and is happy with discord and writing in 3rd person.
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2022.01.21 20:33 CuriousVR_dev (Quest AR/Passthrough) My apartment is a spaceship!

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2022.01.21 20:33 RealFrrb Is it actually possible to make a career on YouTube?

You hear the whole, "You just have to keep going at it and you'll get it eventually". But lets be realistic, is there even enough space for new creators? I'm not saying i'm just gonna give up but for some reason, the thought of earning a living wage on YouTube seems impossible, even ridiculous! Which sucks because this is like a dream job. Does anyone have these thought and what do you think?
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2022.01.21 20:33 GrilledCheeseRant Oh, so you "like books"? Quick - name every author.

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2022.01.21 20:33 Team503 Share some of your most used/favorite Powershell commands and scripts!

Like the title says, share some of your most used and/or favorite POSH stuff.
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2022.01.21 20:33 DemUnderground Dear Russia

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2022.01.21 20:33 UnrealsDeals $5 Amazon Credit When You Read Kindle Vella

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2022.01.21 20:33 ElectronicOpposite68 A question about children..

My ten year old daughter has been threatened by another ten year old. Threatening very dangerous things (I can post examples if needed if someone shows me how lol) but because both girls are 10 years old I’m not sure how seriously il be taken. I’m just hoping for some advice
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2022.01.21 20:33 ArcadianOmega any thoughts or hopes about the live action steins;gate?

my hope for the steins;gate live action is that they’ll do a first season based off the original up till episode 22 and then say “lol fuck you” and adapt episode 23beta instead of the original episode 23 and then do a season 2 that adapts steins;gate 0 (that hopefully is a better adaptation of the original vn than the anime)
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2022.01.21 20:33 itsnotmeanttobe King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Interior People (Confidence Man Remix) - I find this remix to be extremely psychedelic

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2022.01.21 20:33 DJ_Phant0m_X Screen Isnt Changed #FAIL

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2022.01.21 20:33 KamikazeChief Me this afternoon explaining to my parents why Gamestop is such a steal right now when I was saying the same thing at $200 and it's fallen 50%. Needless to say they didn't listen.

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2022.01.21 20:33 OddPollution7904 How to get the most out of two NICs?

Is it possible to have a mult-wan type of connection where each NIC is using a different VPN client which are bonded, on a TS-253D NAS ?
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2022.01.21 20:33 heyyousteve Best Place to find Rye Croutons?

I have a weekly to find 5, interchange seems to only have the other type. Any recommendations on the best place to find them?
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2022.01.21 20:33 dynamo3g Moon Knight: Comprehensive Reading Guide

With the new Moon Knight trailer releasing, there's an enormous amount of new fans now interested in the character. My goal is to clearly establish ways to read the character for new fans.
First, a plug.
This is the best compilation of Moon Knight's canonical timeline if you want to read through the entire Moon Knight story. If you want a simple, non-specific way to read/approach Moon Knight, this is it. Good runs, bad runs, crossover events, one-shots, stories where he's briefly featured, everything, in order and organized in a nice Excel sheet so you can cross issues off as you read them: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1e6MarLdfZpM_T7L1cppWPvE7c71grrlaprNw9rvWohM/edit#gid=926956358
s/o to Orion Petitclerc for creating this. It's updated constantly too, so you won't miss any new issues once you're caught up. I HIGHLY recommend using this sheet if you're going to read any runs, it'll help you keep track of what you read and where you're skipping around to if you skip between runs. It also highlights key events in Moon Knight lore, so you can skip to the super important comics if you want.
If you are only interested in reading comics relevant to the TV show, scroll all the way to the bottom.
WHERE TO START There are really three main paths on where to get started with Moon Knight. I'm going to rank them in order of what I feel is the best way for new fans to get into the character.
1) Doug Moench's Run - Werewolf by Night Vol.1 #32-33, Marvel Spotlight #29, Moon Knight Vol. 1 #1-38
This is the original comic and where you want to start if you're going to read through a lot of the character. The Ellis' run is absolutely terrific, but Moench creates and defines the character in his run, establishing classic villains, supporting characters, and all of Marc's multiple personalities. This run is amazing and holds up by modern standards, even artistically.
If you like Moon Knight, or the concept, and you want to read through Moon Knight, this is the best entry point - his origin story and the canonical timeline that follows.
2) Warren Ellis' Run - Moon Knight Vol. 9 #1-6
This is an extremely good, brief comic that does not require any prior knowledge of Moon Knight, but establishes his character and motivations extremely well and tells some damn good stories, while also being very brief. A lot of people think this is the best Moon Knight run overall. It's a great place to get started if you just want to get a general feel for the character and his "powers"/goals, but you'll miss a lot of surrounding details/supporting characters if you stop with only this one. It's still a good way to briefly acquaint yourself with the character. Everyone loves this one and the art is terrific.
If you do not know if you'll like Moon Knight, but want to jump right into the middle of the character, this is where you should start.
3) Jed MacKay's Run - Moon Knight Vol. 11 #1-?
This is the current Moon Knight run. It's extremely good so far and is being released monthly. Currently, Vol. 11 #1-7 are out (you can find #7 in your local comic store today), and #8-10 are confirmed to release through April. There is some context you'll be missing if you jump into this run, but most of it can be picked up using context clues. This establishes the character well, and is the only current ongoing run of the character, so it's a decent place to jump in, but you'll be missing a LOT of lore that makes the character great.
If you want to follow the modern/current Moon Knight comics being released, this is where you should start.
WHERE TO CONTINUE Great! You read through one of the three options I detailed above and you're ready to consume some more Moon Knight.
If you started with Moench, continue reading in canonical order. It's that simple. Use the excel sheet at the top of this post to navigate the continuity!
If you started with Ellis, you can go back to the Moench run and read forward from there, or just go straight to the Lemire run. I highly advise going back to the Moench run, because the Lemire run touches on some classic Moon Knight stuff you won't understand without reading through canonically, but the Lemire run is so good that if you really don't want to take the time to go through all of them, you can just go forward.
If you started with MacKay, I would go back and read either the Ellis run or the Moench run, and then read forward from there.
If you do not want to read through the full canonical timeline, and only want to read the best runs, read the section below (BEST RUNS).
BEST RUNS If you want only the best runs, this is just my opinion, but here are my QUINTISSENTIAL Moon Knight runs.
How to approach these
I would recommend just reading them in canonical order, including all the runs between them, but if you really just want to get to these runs and ignore the ones in between them...
Moench -> Huston -> Milligan -> Ellis -> Lemire -> MacKay
Charlie Huston: Moon Knight Vol. 6 #1-13
Huston adds a LOT to the character and pretty much wraps up the classic era of Moon Knight with a bang. This is a really good run and sets up the Lemire run exceptionally well. It's also a terrific run with terrific art.
Jeff Lemire: Moon Knight Vol. 10 #1-14
This is a love letter to the character. It will be MUCH better if you understand everything about the classic era of Moon Knight, which is mostly detailed through the Moench/Huston runs, but you can theoretically read it on it's own. This is the best run the comic has ever had. This might be the greatest comic run of all time. The art is maybe the best in comic book history, and no I'm not exaggerating. The storyline is the same, although it can be confusing if this is your first jump into the Moon Knight mythos, which is why I HIGHLY recommend reading canonically up to this run first. This is my favorite comic book EVER except MAYBE Spider-Man: Blue, but I slightly prefer this.
Peter Milligan: Moon Knight - Silent Knight Vol. 1 #1
This is a ONE-SHOT comic, meaning it's only one issue and is pretty self contained. It's also terrific and "closes out" the Moench/Huston runs in my eyes. This is kind of a fringe recommendation, and there's probably a lot of die-hard Moon Knight fans that didn't end up reading this one, but it's REALLY good, and the art is just beautiful.
Previously mentioned above: Ellis, MacKay, Moench
All of these runs are or look like they are shaping up to be top tier. Ellis and Moench are obviously already some of the best and MacKay is on the right track. Make sure you read all of these, even if you started on a different path to reading through them.
Honorable mentions: Wood, Hurwitz, Benson
You can look into these on your own if you're fiending for some more of the best runs and still don't want to read through in the canonical order. All of these writers do a pretty good job, depending on who you ask.
WORST RUNS Here are some you might want to avoid, at least at the start, again just my opinion, but these books are generally frowned upon by Moon Knight fans because of some damage they did to the character.
These are all my opinions, you might find some people that like these, but generally these suck.
How to approach these
I think you should still read these runs, because they add some things that are great, but I think it's important that you have a firm grasp on who Moon Knight is and what he actually stands for and what his stories are about before reading them, because, as you'll notice, these runs deviate HEAVILY from the things people love about the character, and it'll seem very confusing if you don't KNOW that it's wrong.
Bemis - Moon Knight Vol. 1 #188-200
This comic did the most damage to Moon Knight's legacy. Lemire's run is probably the best run in Moon Knight history in my opinion, and the Bemis run retcons a lot of it, ad
The only good additions from this run are Sun King (and MK #188, the whole thing is really good, which is sad because the rest of the run sucks) and the return of Morpheus. Everything else is kind of bad. Moon Knight/Marc Spector and all his alters are completely mischaracterized here as Deadpool-esque, they do some weird shit with bringing back some old characters in a really bad way, it's just not good. I would read this after you read all the good runs so you can take away the good stuff from this run (again, Sun King is really cool, and Morpheus is too) but this is a rough read. I actually stopped reading comics as a whole because of how bad this run was.
Bendis - Moon Knight Vol. 8 #1-12
This is a rough read too. Same issues as Bemis, mischaracterizes Moon Knight and the stories just aren't interesting. While Bemis' run on Moon Knight is more infamous because of how it fucked up the precedents set by Lemire's run, Bendis' is just as bad, just less offensive.
Aaron - Avengers Vol. 8 #33-37
An Avengers comic and storyline centered around Moon Knight seems really cool. Trust me, the execution is bad and really hurts the Moon Knight canon. Which is a shame, because there's some pretty cool moments in here that I keep in my headcanon, but as a whole, the canon precedents set here for Moon Knight are not great.
TV SHOW RELEVANT I decided to add this section because there's sure to be a lot of people that want to familiarize themselves with the character, but only enough to watch the TV show. That's totally okay! I'm super excited about the TV show too.
I don't know what they'll end up doing with the show, but I'm very confident these comics will be incorporated in some way, based on what we've seen in the trailer.
Do not read the blurbs if you are not interested in any possible spoilers when going in to either the TV show or the comics. If you want to read through the comics not just for the TV show, do not click on the blurbs! -Werewolf by Night Vol. 1 #32-33

Moon Knight first appearance, will probably tie in to the announced Werewolf by Night show. Also first appearance of Committee, Frenchie, Moon Knight. All these characters are extremely likely to be in the show. Moon Knight is confirmed.
-Marvel Spotlight #28
First Appearance of Jake Lockley, Steven Grant, Marlene (Fontaine), Gena, Crawley, Samuels. First solo story. All of these characters will probably be in the show. Grant is confirmed. Lockley is confirmed.
-The Hulk! #17
First Appearance of Randall Spector as Hatchet Man. Villain that may be in show.
-Moon Knight Vol. 1 #1, 3, 12, 14, 25, 36, 188-190
1: Origin story (Bushman, Marlene Alraune, Khonshu)
3: First Appearance of Midnight Man. Villain that will be in show.
12: First Appearance of Morpheus. Villain that may be in show.
14: First Appearance of Stained Glass Scarlet. Villain that may be in show.
25: First Appearance of Black Spectre I. Villain that may be in show.
36: First appearance of the Priests of Khonshu. Villains? that may be in show.
188-190: First appearance of the Sun King. First appearance of The Truth. Bushman returns. First appearance of Jake Lockley and Marlene Alraune's daughter, Diatrice (named in the next issue). All of these characters may be in the show.
Sun King is PROBABLY going to be the Ethan Hawke-played villain, right now only known as Arthur Harrow, which is discussed below under Moon Knight Vol. 2 #2.
-Moon Knight Vol. 2 #1, 2
1: Origin edited. First Appearance of Fist of Khonshu costume (which will probably be in the TV show). The origin may be this one.
2: The subtitles on the Moon Knight trailer name the Ethan Hawke-played villain as "Arthur Harrow". This is his first and only appearance in the comics. Many Moon Knight fans think they're going to merge Arthur Harrow into Sun King (discussed above in Vol. 1 #188-190).
-Marc Spector: Moon Knight Vol. 3 #4, 35, 39
4: First Appearance of Midnight. Villain that may be in show.
35: First Appearance of Randall Spector as Shadow Knight. Villain that may be in show.
39: First Appearance of metal armor.
-Moon Knight Vol. 9 #2, 3, 6
2: First Appearance of Marvel NOW! costume. Costume looks based off this one.
3: First Appearance of Bone Armor. Confirmed to be in show.
6: First Appearance of Black Spectre II. Villain that may be in show.
-Moon Knight Vol. 10 #1
First appearance of Moon Knight's asylum costume. Will probably be in show, people love the Lemire run.
-Moon Knight Vol. 11 #1
First appearance of Hunter's Moon. Villain that may be in show, probably not, but just in case.
Thank you for reading! If anyone has any suggestions on anything I should add, or wants to talk about any of my suggestions to read or avoid, please comment and I'd love to talk about it! I love this character and I want to create as many new fans as possible. I just love talking about these comics.
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2022.01.21 20:33 DemUnderground DOJ arrests Texas man over alleged threats to Georgia elections officials

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