What's the most annoying grammar mistake you see way too much?

2021.12.09 01:15 UrFBIagent0 What's the most annoying grammar mistake you see way too much?

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2021.12.09 01:15 Diy_punk_girl I drew this little doodle today 😊💕✨

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2021.12.09 01:15 BeautifulStrong9938 [No Spoilers] Arcane's opening credits give me the same vibes as the opening credits for Altered Carbon and Black Sails

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2021.12.09 01:15 tb640301 Me taking Katy Lied off the shelf after putting it away 3 hours ago and telling myself "I'm not gonna get drunk and listen to Katy Lied again tonight."

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2021.12.09 01:15 Beautiful_End2320 PintX review after 3 weeks + story (Coming from old Pint)

Here’s the story:
Got a Pint about a month before they released the X. My main use would be to move around city since I live in Downtown Miami and it takes longer to use a car than walking sometimes. Researched intensively the range issue back then since it was a car replacement for those traffic days. I left it up for future hope since I wanted a new board and the chi battery wasn’t compatible. Got my shiny new Pint for 3 weeks later see the release of the board with the exact specs that I was looking for. Those first weeks were pure bliss, learned in about 2-3 days to ride it where I was comfortable using it on the streets. I’ve done boardsports my whole life (Skateblard, Snowboard, Wakeboard) so I got the hang of it fairly quick. When the new board came out I was sad and even though I loved my pint I took the decision to list it on the online market apps to see if I would have luck. And I did. Luckily Onewheels are not too popular here and the selling spree didn’t affect prices and I was able to sell it for $850 within a few days ($100 less than I bought it for). Got my Pint X the same day! To say the least I LOVE IT EVEN MORE! If you’re on the verge of getting it JUST GET IT. The motor is amazing, it stops on a dime coming from top speed. I have yet to hit pushback. I have only charged it once in three weeks when before I had to charge once a week at least. To conclude, I’m glad I got my original pint first because I got to learn how to ride really well and used it as a practice board that took some hits and scrapes. But the X is everything that the pint ever lacked. My onewheel is one of the best purchases I have made in my life!
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2021.12.09 01:15 Ashamed-Doughnut-683 Saw ranked in my opinion

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2021.12.09 01:15 Small-Can3519 缅甸赌场,有线上平台,有现场,线上现场对接,

缅甸赌场,有线上平台,有现场,线上现场对接, 缅甸赌场,有线上平台,有现场,线上现场对接,下注开户的平台,24小时一直在线(澳门赌场,有现场,没有线上,线上平台都是ag平台,不正规的平台,正规平台,不正规的平台看就知道)
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2021.12.09 01:15 Desperate_Level_9213 Was anyone else is surprised when Joe said he didn't like hard cider?

I never liked it, but I decided to get myself to like hard apple cider this year for autumn. Part of why I did it was because it kind of reminded me of Joe Pera, and I bought some to drink while I watched the new season.
He even said in an interview that some shows feel like they're made by an energy drink and his show feels like it's made by apple cider!
I was disappointed, but I respect the man's choices.
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2021.12.09 01:15 onmlq Ics 31 people

Ayo ics 31 guys where are u
Who is failing the class too yaay🥳💔💔💔💔💔💔
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2021.12.09 01:15 rocdavid What should you give to someone who is homeless/donate to shelters?

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2021.12.09 01:15 No_Active_2455 Update

I got what I needed and got the hell out of there it would be simple but I got spotted I thought i would just be able to outrun it but it was like 100ft long it was faster than you would think it’s closing in on me take this as advice listen to the foundation they know about all of this and can deal with it there less than 75ft now there pulling me into the sun to become one of them I guess this is goodbye
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2021.12.09 01:15 DisneyDilemmaBot How to Rob a bank, successfully

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2021.12.09 01:15 jeremy-kyle007 Will Swinney Be Fired If Clemson Loses to UConn

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2021.12.09 01:15 beenseeingangels How did your dog get their name?

My old dog Butterscotch (shortened to Butter) was from my aunt and uncle's farm. 7 puppies and 7 kids, each kid got to name a puppy. My cousin Nelson ended up naming the dog I chose Butterscotch because she was white with butterscotch eyes and butterscotch tan. When I was little, I absolutely adored one of my cousins, Shawn. Shawn named his dog Skittles because my uncle had a dog named Candy, and Shawn's favorite candy at the time was Skittles. 9yo me though that if a candy name was good enough for Shawn, it's good enough for me.
My current dog is Dally, named after Dallas Winston from The Outsiders. I loved The Outsiders when I first read it in 8th grade, and always loved Dally. Her name was originally Oakley, but to me, Oakley just seemed like a name for a terrier or a Pomeranian, not my 65lb tank of a dog. In Johnny Cade's letter to Pony, he wrote "There's still lots of good in the world. Tell Dally. I don't think he knows." I have "There's still a lot of good in the world. Stay Gold" on the back of Dally's tag.
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2021.12.09 01:15 plasticrag PSA: If you miss a skull on your main play through, you can go back and grab it on a secondary easy/normal save and it will count across both.

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2021.12.09 01:15 lingerinthedoorway Social Experiment at Aritzia

Y'all LMAO so I've visited Aritzia at my locale mall I think five times now and I've never, never had any good experiences there ever. 98% of the associates were snobs, wouldn't smile at me, wouldn't even look at me, wouldn't even acknowledge my presence. Mostly talk amongst themselves or would only talk to customers wearing trendy outfits. One time I lost my car key and asked one of the girls for help and lord it was interesting to actually experience fake sincerity. She spoke to me as if I was a burden and she needed to get away ASAP. I figured it was probably because I wasn't dressed up for all my visits because come on, it's a small mall. Who cares. It still affected me somehow but for most part I thought it was ridiculous. Anyway, after some internet digging I found out that a lot of people actually feel this way about the associates from this store so that kinda validate my suspicion that I was being ignored because of my appearance. Gosh, typing it makes me cringe so hard.
LOL so I did some experiment today and actually dressed up nicely to see if they'd actually treat me like a decent human being that I am. And guys... HOLY COW I was not disappointed. I was greeted right away, asked what I was looking for, and actually helped me find it (I know, it was surreal). They even took the item to the dressing room for me, and went as far as closed the curtains for me. I was ASTOUNDED. I was so tempted on not buying the item for my own satisfaction but ended up purchasing it anyways coz it fitted me perfectly and it's hard to find one for my size. But holy that was hilarious
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2021.12.09 01:15 MrE1221-art Santa

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2021.12.09 01:15 Catinchi Made a new frind now to get REVENGE

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2021.12.09 01:15 Organic-Fee1771 Wear shoes with traction and please watch your step 😅

I'm currently in the er because on my planned last delivery tonight I had a choice between walking down a driveway or walking down a stone pathway. I chose the stone pathway and it was fine but one of the steps was about twice the height of a regular walkway and I misjudged it and my ankle folded like a lawn chair and snapped so loud it made me sick. The customer was super nice and this is like the third time I've fell with food so of course I saved it lol. My ankle is the size of a baseball. Don't wear vans on a stone walkway and make sure you have good lighting :/ it's sad that I got nauseous over the fact thinking about if I'm going to be able to drive anytime soon or not.
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2021.12.09 01:15 cysghost Street Cultivation jump in progress

So, this is one of the others that I've wanted to see. I've only finished the first book, and need to add... literally everything here, but wanted to get down some ideas for the jump. Will have to work on balance and all that later. But, it's started.
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2021.12.09 01:15 DaemonHivelord Husk Genes and Oxygen Issues

So Ive had a couple experiences now using husk genes, and other than the very first time using them, the change where I am supposed to no longer require oxygen has not taken affect. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
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2021.12.09 01:15 aryatho Eru, Voice of Possibilities

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2021.12.09 01:15 Object-Sad My college roommate has venomous snakes in his room.

I wrote a giant post for this... but I will tell you the short of it.
I have had an interest in snakes from an early age, have had a few snakes over the years. Not close with off campus roommate, struck up conversation about reptiles after seeing his reptile expo shirt , he got excited and showed me his room, his room has at least 5 different venomous snakes in it. I can list 2 knowing exactly what they are and 3 from what I found on google in relation to how they look.

  1. Copperhead (100% positive)
  2. Some type of rattle snake (100% positive)
  3. Eyelash Viper (99.99% positive, looks exactly like google image)
  4. Gaboon Viper (75% positive, Has horn and triangular head, very similar to google images)
  5. jararacussu (40% positive, very similar looking)
Even if I am wrong about 3,4,5 I know number 1 and 2 for a fact. I told my friend who also lives with us and we are both a bit freaked out. We would not care if this was his private home but these snakes are just a wall away from us. I have questions:
  1. What is the legality of even owning these snakes? This is about 3 miles away from campus.
  2. Where did he even buy them? Is it that accessible?
  3. Is their antivenin for something so obscure as number 3,4,5 in most parts of the US
  4. How bad would a bite be from these snakes.
Although we are not really friends with this guy we don't want to get him in trouble but both me and my friend are not exactly comfortable being in the same house as these animals.
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2021.12.09 01:15 Striking_Sherbet1240 Tried to draw the warriors of hope grown up (OC)

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2021.12.09 01:15 Matlabguru Excel vs SPSS

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