Thoughts on Tru Exterior trim?

2021.12.09 00:34 speed_square Thoughts on Tru Exterior trim?

I work for a company who swears by this fly ash, com-posit trim product. Everyone on site hates it. The dust is gnarly, it kills blades, it isn’t structural and will snap and break easily. Has anyone used this stuff? It seems like we are the only company in the area using it. I’m trying to figure out a way to convince my boss to get away from this stuff haha.
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2021.12.09 00:34 Picklerdude69 Is there a limit to how many people you can recruit to your house?

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2021.12.09 00:34 miika_rantala Miami Becomes First U.S. City To Deploy Air Quality Monitoring Network Based On Algorand (ALGO) Blockchain

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2021.12.09 00:34 Trunks119 [USA- CA] [H] rtx 3090 white strix [W] local cash

I have a white strix 3090 that is an RMA REPLACEMENT. I opened it since my last post because I got curious as to what an rma replacement looks like from asus. Seems like all accessories are included except for the ring.
Asking for $2750 local cash.
Will NOT do local PayPal because I have heard mixed comments about it where the buyer can go through their cc company and get a refund. NOT trying to ship unless you are willing to pay for overnight shipping out of your own pocket.
Make sure to comment first THEN pm me. I will not respond to your pm unless you comment first. If you need any more pictures or have any questions feel free to ask.
Thanks for looking.
Local zip 95112. Willing to drive 30 min or 30 miles whichever is longer.
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2021.12.09 00:34 Yeucksxors11 Keep on fighting

Hey Antiwork - thanks for inspiring my first proper reddit post ever! I'll preface this by saying I'm in the UK - all lof my figures will be in GBP, and at the time of writing the exchange rate is around $1.30/£1, to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. Part of what I'm here to do is to blow the lid off of an industry that seems to be often considered to be mostly home grown businesses and so on, but in fact could not be more predatory - Vaping/E-Cigarettes. Sorry folks, this is a reallly long one, but I need to get it out of my system somewhere.
Vape shops are not a suffering industry if they manufacture their own products. The markup on eliquid is thousands of percent - which is the primary product. They use the relatively cheap price of their products to justify underpaying and overworking staff, while each £5 bottle costs ~15p to manufacture, including the packaging. Even worse when you get into larger bottle sizes containing more liquid. Hardware is still generally somewhere in the 40-50% region.
I started out my vaping career working in a big chain shop in the UK, one that definitely doesn't rhyme with shmaporized (Now ShmPZ) and I was treated pretty much how I expected to be there - shitty. No chairs allowed, lunch breaks were "eat and as soon as you're done get back to work", sales were targeted on an average sale basis rather than per week/month/quarter or so on. I managed to suck it up, climb the ladder to assistant manager of a store (which came with no benefits except the opportunity for a bonus of £50/week on top of minimum wage and the ability to open and close the shop with my very own shiny set of keys) and in the end it took a toll on my mental health to a point I couldn't face it anymore - so I left. That's not the story.
In September 2017, my partner and I moved to be closer to her family. At that point I was still sort of "into" vaping so I decided to go check out one of the smaller more local stores that made all of their own eliquids. The owner and I got along well and during one of my visits there I joked that if he needed inside info on the competitor I worked for to give me a phone - funnily enough, he did actually need someone, but was waiting for an experienced person to come along because he wanted to hire fresh to open a new shop a town over - he asked if I'd be willing to work with him for a few weeks to see how I felt about the company, the people there, the products etc. before I took the full opportunity and I agreed - started a few weeks later once both of our schedules lined up so we could properly sit down and get the 'work' done.
I started working there at £8/hr, which was slightly over minimum wage at the time of £7.50. I was happy enough with that at the time - I knew I was in a very niche industry and work was hard to come by at the time as the industry had sort of 'peaked' to a point, so I went with it under the assumption once the manager position opened up for me things would improve. We'll get to that.

I'm going to talk about my boss a lot here in retrospective ways now that I'm seeing more of the antiwork movement. I'm going to mention him in less than flattering lights, which might make you think "Well why the fuck did you do it, then?" but at the time of each section, I had no major problems at work. I got on well with my boss, he was elbow deep in most of the work along with the rest of us (outside of his actual owner of the company duties like paperwork etc which he did himself) and he'd always try to hear us out and fix any problems we had if it was within his power - except anything wage increase related, which he'd always need to "Talk to the accountant" about. If my wage was wrong the accountant had it fixed within an hour, but if I wanted a raise - it got put on the pile and forgotten about.
The work was hard - it was outright eliquid manufacturing along with front of shop duties. Making a 5 litre jug of liquid, emptying that into 800ml squeezy bottles, then using those 800ml squeezy bottles to make 10ml bottles of eliquid until the 5l jug was empty - then pushing the little white nipple things into the 10ml bottles and finally screwing on the childproof cap and applying a label. We eventually figured out better ways to do the childproof cap and label, but they were the easy parts anyway.
Weeks came and went, and every time I asked about the new shop - the landlord was holding him up, the bank hadn't sorted a payment, the council were delaying permits etc. Eventually I gave up asking. Fast forward to Summer 2019.
The new shop finally opens - my job is finally available. In this time, I've had 'pay rises' in line with minimum wage and am now earning £8.50 an hour, still slightly over minimum. I remind the boss about why I started there all that time ago and... he's forgotten all about it, of course. He hadn't intended to place a manager in that shop until he knew how it'd perform - he just planned to send two of his most trusted staff members there on a rotating basis (One week I'd do three shifts there, the next I'd do 4 etc) until we figured out how it'd perform. When asked if this would include a pay rise - the answer was along the lines of "I hardly think so, it'll be less work over there than it is here." and no amount of arguing that the work may be less strenuous but the responsibility was increased tenfold would cut it. Our shops operated on a one staff member at a time system - so if you were in there, you were opening, closing, cleaning, doing all of the cash handling for the day etc. I really wanted that store manager position (dreams of climbing the corporate ladder, am I right?) so I took it on the condition my travel would be paid, at least, which it was - I lived within walking distance of the original shop so didn't need to pay at all to get there.
After a year or so of this, we're now in the middle of 2020 - the retail shops have closed because of lockdowns and now we're massively ramping up online delivery orders which means back to full time manual labour production type stuff again. Somewhere during 2019 I'd started to develop a repetetive stress injury in my left arm - this was a known issue, but thanks to the aforementioned good relationship with the boss I didn't put in a work injury claim despite RSIs being covered if it was due to poor conditions (Our job could have been done by relatively inexpensive machinery, even hand operated machinery, which would have reduced/eliminated the risk of these sorts of injuries) and, in the end, it caused my work to slow down. Apparently, a coworker of mine complained that he was doing more work than I was because of this and he wanted it dealt with... so the boss and I had a chat, and instead of disciplining me, he offered me the job I'd signed up for in the first place. The store manager job - as well as a further wage increase to £9.50 an hour an continued travel being covered. This seemed like a no brainer to me at the time, so I jumped at the chance - and I think that was probably the last pleasant conversation I had with him, to be honest.

During my tenure as a store manager, the lockdowns just kept coming. Money got tighter, people were generally spending less and the company was suffering for it - to a point the boss had to dip into his personal savings at one point to keep things afloat. We somewhat recovered after that, but it was never quite the same again and he became incredibly angry and bitter. Everything became a problem. Shelf not dusted? Better be thankful you have a fucking job because he'll find someone who'll dust it for minimum wage. Used the bin in the shop for food waste after lunch? It's stinking out the shop, makes us all look bad, he could sack me for it. So on and so forth - and in the end, I became angry and bitter because of the way he was acting too. My home life was suffering for it - never mind the shitty flat with the mouldy wall and breezy windows I was living in at the time - which was just leading me to be more pissed off when I came into work the next day, which made me miss things, which pissed off the boss... so on and so forth.

This continued up until around August 2021, where my 'best friend' within the company was let go with no warning for 'failing to keep his store to the proper standards as a manager' with no examples given, even on request. This pissed me off - and I started to explore a little around the net and eventually I came across this subreddit. I read a lot of your stories, the horrible situations you've all been through, and though I feel I've rambled a lot and haven't gone into detail on the shit that happened in there here, I felt like I wasn't stuck in it alone. Working 50+ hours a week, often with even more unpaid, to a man who didn't respect me beyond my capacity to make money for him and now that the company was struggling, all of that respect was gone and his true personality was all that was left.
In the midst of all of that, old mental health problems began to resurface - primarily anxiety due to always feeling watched on security cameras and the likes - and one day it all came to a head. I got my lunch delivered via ubereats, because I'd been told off for leaving the shop to get lunch (all I had there was a kettle - no microwave, fridge etc) and within a minute of it arriving, an actual sixty second period, I got a facebook message reminding me to take my food waste out as soon as I was finished eating so as to not make the company look bad and cost him even more money. I snapped.
I called my doctor in the midst of a mild anxiety attack and got a fit note (a doctors note, a sort of legally binding "You can't punish this person for not working during this time because I say so" note that's also required for paid sick leave in the UK) and walked there and then. I told him why, explained the building pressure etc. at home and made it sound like I was just worn out and needed some time to collect myself - neglecting to mention what he did to cause it at the time - and got to writing a strongly worded resignation letter. The day before I was due to go back to work, he arrived at the shop at 9pm to find me with my keys for the shop and that letter in my hand. The panicked scramble of a man so intent on making money he'd lost 1/6th of his income in a moment was astounding, but I still haven't replied to any of his texts or phone calls other than to demand my final wage was paid properly (which it was, on time, including accrued PTO.)
Since then, I've spoken to my doctor at length - he and I agree I'm not in a good mental place to be seeking out work and he's signed me off indefinitely. My partner already receives disability benefits, now I also qualify for a lesser version. We totalled up our finances and honestly - things are alright. We can live on what we have without compromising our standard of living. It's taken until the start of december to get it all fleshed out and honestly, the anxiety of not knowing what was coming next was even worse for a while - but now I wake up in the morning to take my daughter to school, I'm there to pick her up. We talk about her day, stop at the shops on the way home - jump in puddles and kick around piles of leaves. It's strange for me to say it but I feel more at peace than I have in a very long time, and I've got to tell you, I didn't think unemployment would be what did that for me - I always thought climbing the ranks until I was making a fair amount of money would do it, but here I am.
I've since reported my boss to relevant agencies as well as scrubbed all of 'my' work from shared services before my logins were revoked - but honestly, I think at this point I'm just happy it's over. I could retroactively claim injuries, report more unpaid taxes, report unsafe working conditions and so on again (I have in the past for the latter two without his knowledge, only the tax thing was ever actioned) but at this point I'm just ready to forget that shit and move on with my life.

Thanks for the inspiration and for reading my massive rant if you made it to the end, antiwork, I appreciate you.
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2021.12.09 00:34 NusqMe Irrefutable Proof that Engineer is a mf beast

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2021.12.09 00:34 geearethreenaed look at this cute wholesome arrowhead guys :D

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2021.12.09 00:34 Glargine100 It’s Wednesday Night, you know what that means

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2021.12.09 00:34 Poramordedeus Uma jovem dinamica pra ir pro dubai há por aí?

encontrem o dinamismo
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2021.12.09 00:34 bot_neen Con mucho cariño y paciencia he cuidado a mi hijo-Tía Amada.

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2021.12.09 00:34 mdelage PCs might end up using a mierror to teleport next session; help for prep?

If you know or are Hoss the Warforged Artificer of the Shield of Orlane, GTFO because SPOILERS B!$@#...
My players have discovered a long lost artifact of planar travel at the end of last session; a mirror connected to another mirror on a neighboring plane. What the players don't know is that the conjoining mirror on the other plane is fractured and broken after millennia of abandonment.

My question; what do you think should be a consequence of travelling planarly through a broken magic tunnel? My initial though is something along the line of the teleport D100 chart, but that feels a bit boring.
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2021.12.09 00:34 Ambitious-Variety137 Resident evil GameCube complete!

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2021.12.09 00:34 banana_toucan904 What power pony’s superpowers would you want to have?

I would love to have fili-second’s power because I could go to a bakery in mere seconds that is only 65 blocks away!
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2021.12.09 00:34 mokeyfraggle22 uh I think my "Cancel Subscription" button broke

Processing img q35mc31usf481...
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2021.12.09 00:34 Verdeckter Hosts as "user" in ACL tests

It feels like an odd restriction to not allow hosts as a "user" when we can refer to tags and both "allow" and "deny" permit hosts. In other words, we can test connections coming in to a specific host but not connections originating from a specific host.
Is there a fundamental issue with testing in such a way or is it just not implemented yet for whatever reason?
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2021.12.09 00:34 Whoknowswrestling Sasha at a tattoo shop

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2021.12.09 00:34 IChooseDRUGS-HNS How do you keep going on?

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2021.12.09 00:34 MARCSBabyLab Ever wondered how your baby could make an impact on our understanding of children’s amazing minds at such an early age?

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2021.12.09 00:34 ExtensionDesign0 CPA Clawback

my firm has requested clawback for CPA training fees.
just wondering - what are the consequences if i ignore their emails? will they send to collections or go to court? the amount i owe is 3000.
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2021.12.09 00:34 dragonrite How did the other person get the "star" for overall Econ when I won every category?

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2021.12.09 00:34 Mario9617 Ghost of Tsushima Episode 5 [Walkthrough/ Commentary]

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2021.12.09 00:34 crackaholic69 Subreddit for only cis women?

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2021.12.09 00:34 sooniidere LF: water stone, FT: fire stone or everstone

just title, I can offer a fire stone or an everstone for a water stone
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2021.12.09 00:34 iskxngpagod First Interview - Internship

Hello! I have been invited for an interview with the HR of the orange e-commerce company. I had my 15 minute call last week and I'm so glad to move to the next stage!
I originally applied for a People Team intern role, but they said that my profile was also being processed for a marketing intern role, as my experiences are suited better in that department.
I have a few questions!

  1. What is the overview of the first interview (w/ HR) for aspiring interns? How is it like? Is this the part where the Excel tests are conducted?
  2. What are the next stages after this first interview and how do they differ?
  3. They asked if I am available for the interview tomorrow, but my schedule is too packed with exams and meetings. Is it okay to ask if I can be interviewed on Monday instead, or is it frowned upon? (considering the competition and pool of applicants)
Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts and tips!
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2021.12.09 00:34 Comfortable_Pear8009 New to buying reps

Is ua bat dot xyz a good site
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