Need help regarding switching jobs

Determine how much insurance you need for your home's structure. Standard homeowners policies provide coverage for disasters such as damage due to fire, lightning, hail and explosions. Those who live in areas where there is risk of flood or earthquake will need coverage for those disasters, as well. In every case, you'll want the limits on your policy to be high enough to cover the cost of ... With Arkaive, attendance-tracking is easy and convenient. Manage students' attendance inside and outside the classrooms. Arkaive is the attendance game changer for students, instructors, coaches, and administrators. Since March 2020, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) COVID-19 technical assistance, “What You Should Know About COVID-19 and the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, and Other EEO Laws,” has been a valuable resource for employers in dealing with the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The EEOC updated the guidance on October 25, 2021, by adding News ; The LSUCCC 2021 I-codes and 2020 NEC Review Committees will meet Via Zoom on the dates and times listed on each agenda. Please see the attached document for Dates, Times, Zoom link and agenda information.

2021.12.09 02:38 rmggmu Need help regarding switching jobs

Hi, Currently working in a service based company, total exp 1.5 years, mostly in java backend.Want to switch jobs because of personal reasons. What should I focus on while preparing for the interviews. Should I make new projects and put them on my github(I have old projects there from college), or should I focus on questions that might come up from my resume and current job, apart from focusing on basics.
Are the interviews focused on previous/current job, older projects, new technologies I learnt in the last year, or how many technologies I have knowledge about. Or is 1.5 years is a very less time and they would treat me like a fresher only in nterviews?
Also, how much hike should I expect/ negotiate for from the companies I am applying to.
Tldr: How to prepare for interviews after 1.5 years exp in java?
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2021.12.09 02:38 Onetrickponyrr A cool (outside the box) Squire build?

Yo guys finally could afford one, I tried with a 490 pdps boom mace, for 6l fiery impact, but It feels like you can't play physical builds anymore? Or if u guys have any ideas how to make it work that would be great, fiery impact sadly has 2sec CD so some cool down recovery is needed
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2021.12.09 02:38 Available_Pear_5666 Highest rate I’ve seen from Seattle since I started recently. How is it for everyone else?

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2021.12.09 02:38 NiceRatio5764 Heirloom

Hey guys I got my first heirloom shards last night and I really only play pathfinder but I'm wondering is his heirloom worth it ? Just wanna know what your opinion is about it
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2021.12.09 02:38 kingcaprese The Black Bear Bounty Hunter

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2021.12.09 02:38 WhoIsHamza Remember guys, your streak doesn't really matter; rather its your lifestyle

I first tried to stop at 13 and since that day i got big streaks of 6 months three times just that easily It was mainly cuz I pushed porn out of my life because I saw what it did to me and so like that I left no time to watch porn
This is how to start:-
Start reducing the times you use your electronics as they can trigger you easily Go outside and stay there for good periods of times so you cant do what you do at home Try to replace the times when you watch it with something else like reading, gaming(clean games only), cycling, running, etc If you are at home stay in the hall or watch tv where people can easily see you so you dont get the privacy to do stuff like this
I stopped watching when I was 13 and got streaks of 6 months very easily I did that by making this a lifestyle without porn and having no time for porn anytime ever
I wish you the best and hope we beat this addiction together
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2021.12.09 02:38 Young_aku MF DOOM – Operation: Doomsday

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2021.12.09 02:38 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - NZME appoints Paul Hancox as new chief commercial officer | NZ Herald

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2021.12.09 02:38 ZoobBot 191723

This is the 191723rd time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.09 02:38 Hikers_cup_of_doppio Wish she would

Just fucking text me
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2021.12.09 02:38 Chawkean Star Wars: The Old Republic | Alle Events im Dezember:

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2021.12.09 02:38 permission777 Most of the vehicle brands are advertising their crash ratings these days. But Does the vehicles sold in the Indian market has the exact same specifications of the vehicles given for the crash test?

I am skeptical about it.
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2021.12.09 02:38 tomoenagi Kelly Madison

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2021.12.09 02:38 sleeperagent504 OLSAS .11 GPA Drop :(

Saw today that my GPA as calculated by OLSAS is a 3.61. I have a 'course set aside' on my transcript (a C- from a summer school class that I didn't take seriously and intended to drop until the prof suggested not to) that I think is responsible for the discrepancy from the 3.72 I was anticipating.
Hoping it doesn't hurt my chances too significantly, but I know Osgoode Hall and uOttawa -my top choices- are sticklers for cGPA. Besides, with 3000 applicants I imagine they must sort using the GPA supplied, even if they do look at transcripts individually and will still see I graduated with honours.
Really wasn't prepared to be applying with a GPA below 3.7, just wondering who else might have been hit by a similar hammer this week..? I wish knew ahead of time, I really thought I'd done away with that C- by graduating with surplus courses, and regret not addressing it in my personal statement.
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2021.12.09 02:38 Remarkable-Regular39 Dojacat What is she doing ... ???

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2021.12.09 02:38 SnooOwls6361 Finestra HNTenna Question

I have a Finestra. The antenna is listed as an RPSMA Female connection. I want to upgrade to the outdoor HNTenna (n type male) and I’m going to mount on my roof (need roughly 20 ft of LMR 400 . Does this mean that I need a RPSMA Male to N Type Female cable ? Do they make these?
If someone can point me in the right direction, I’d really appreciate it.
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2021.12.09 02:38 fluffyninja69 Outgoing Oregon offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead is sticking around to help coach the Ducks in the Alamo Bowl.

Canzano firing them off tonight ( )
Will be really fun to watch moorehead actually have the reins :)
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2021.12.09 02:38 holozler235 Imposter (Among Us) vs Traitor (Gmod) connections and more in comments

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2021.12.09 02:38 zachkkkkkk Stream of the year

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2021.12.09 02:38 awwwnicebruh Perks aren't working either, I was getting flashed and stunned with gas mask on

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2021.12.09 02:38 whattoworktowards If you post a negative post about Star Citizen, it gets deleted

You can't discuss Star Citizen in a negative context in this forum or else it gets deleted. I tried voicing my experience and opinion but was deleted. It is not open to debate and opinions can only be positive about the product. Pretty crap.
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2021.12.09 02:38 Jason_Dhekial_Pyrbot Intensify forward firepower

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2021.12.09 02:38 anonymous_pebble I, 25 (F) am getting bored & a little bit tired of my relationship

I feel bad for saying it, bc my boyfriend has depression. He’s going through a rough phase, hates his job, etc. But that’s all we talk about. Every day, 24/7 is about how much he hates life and hates his job. He’s applying to other jobs, but he’s only applied to a few, and even though he got interviews, has turned them down. We’re both homebodies, but I am more inclined to want to go do things than he does. I’m always pitching ideas and he declines them. I’m tired of having the same dumb conversations and staying at home. Going out isn’t even a matter of money- I offer to pay. Sometimes I will have a minor problem & when I try to talk about it somehow it all circles back to him and his problems. I care for him deeply but I am bored, annoyed and a bit frustrated. He is getting the help he needs- therapy- but I haven’t see any improvement. I don’t know what to do to help him- but he also gets mad when I ask him if he wants to sit down & plan his life. I guess I don’t really know what to do. He has zero ambitions & he needs a lot of emotional support and it’s starting to take a bit of a toll on me.
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2021.12.09 02:38 Snoo-59437 My account’s teacher

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2021.12.09 02:38 lolstylez I'm thinking of confessing to my co worker. (long post)

Hey everyone, this is a pretty long post and if it belongs somewhere else, please let me know.
I'm confused about this situation that i'm in atm. I have a crush on one of my co workers and i think i'm gonna confess but i would also like to hear some outside opinions.
I've been working at this job for a little over a year and a half now. When i first came on board I clicked with everyone pretty well. My job is pretty strict tho and not only do i have to worry about the office i was in but also offices around the globe so i couldn't leave my office much in case i received a call. I work on a helpdesk team and it gets busy busy. One of my co workers happens to be exactly my type and more which drove me crazy cause i like to follow the "don't shit where you eat" rule. We ended up getting close on a deep level early on and we were teasing each other throughout the office. While i know how many kids she wants, our actions are based on unspoken attraction. Nothing happened between us. We were both going through similar situations where she just got out of a long relationship and I from a married woman who was going through a divorce (I was good friends with both the husband and wife. It honestly felt like they were swingers. The wife got overtly friendly. things didn't end well between them and later on i discovered that i unknowingly played a part leading to their divorce.) I'm not that experienced and have only dated 2 woman so that really got to me. We were really good friends and everything went downhill fast once the friend barrier was broken. i think i have a hard time transitioning from friend to something more.
So my co worker and i got pretty close early on, she would come to my office to chat and she'd also be a tease when she'd give me a ride home. Both of us are about self improvement and i told her that we were on the same wave length. After that, all our movements seemed to be in sync. Imagine you're vibing with someone you just met out at the bar, you move to the dance floor and you dance with each other like you've danced a thousand times before. It was like that but in an office setting, idk how else to describe it. She's always a ball of positive energy. Other people would make her laugh pretty loud throughout the office but when it came to me her laugh would be the quiet kind that came from a deeper place like there was a secret between us. I told my roommate at the time about her and he got interested and started talking to her himself which rubbed me the wrong way (cause there is some history with me and him and i was tired of him thinking of me as competition) so a week later she's giving me a ride home and being her flirty self. As we pull up to the apartment she states in a cute way that she doesn't have any plans for the day and is open to hanging out. Still being mad about my roommate i stupidly declined her offer acting as if i had other stuff to do. (she seen zoned my roommate btw but i didn't know until later...) After i declined her offer things started getting awkward around the office. I ended up telling her that we should keep things professional and only to come to me when she needs something. I'm sure she would mess some small things up on purpose so i can go to her office and fix it. Small things kept getting messed up and she would say something on the lines of "i wonder who keeps changing so and so on so and so" i've told her multiple times to keep it professional. I have my own awkward tendencies too. So in the midst of "don't shit where you eat", me being mad at my roommate, her being exactly my type and my own awkward tendencies, i got weird myself and ended up pushing her away pretty hard.
Not a day has gone past since i've regretted those actions and i've tried to get things back to how they were but it was still weird and awkward.
A few months go by and she starts warming up to me again. This time she's keeping it professional. While the connection isn't as powerful as it used to be i do still feel some form of attraction when we do interact. We're cool around the office and she's fine with driving me home still. (i live on my own at this point and the town i live in is small so i usually walk everywhere.) We do still have some inside jokes that can't help but make her laugh but she quickly recovers her composure. I have never seen a face go from overwhelmingly giddy to a serious face as fast as i've seen hers. I've been trying to get close to her again but she's dodged my "advancements" as soon as i tried to break the touch barrier again. I put that in quotations cause this is all based around unspoken attraction but i tried to break the touch barrier again in that moment since we had a falling out, and as inexperienced as i am, i'm confused beyond belief (i'm a late bloomer). It feels as if something is there while at the same time there is nothing. As of now, things are pretty good around the office. We'll stop and talk here and there but the flirting is now next to nothing and it's been strictly business. no awkwardness at least.
I broke the news to my boss that i'll be moving out of town shortly after the new years. It's not because of her. Where i live currently, there's nothing for me here and i've been craving more world experience so i'll be moving to the city soon. I do want to confess. But i don't know when or where i should. She'll be leaving for Christmas vacation and i'm not sure if i'll still be here when she gets back so time is ticking. I'm also a bit unsure if i should confess. I know the story seems more good than bad but trust me, the awkwardness got bad. A part of me is saying she's waiting for a confession while another part of me is saying it would be a mistake and she doesn't want anything to do with me. I feel both of those feelings when i do talk to her. I think i am going to confess because i am very tired of living with regret, but I would like to hear some advice first. And i don't know if i should talk to her about it in her office or to tell her when she gives me a ride home. I also don't know if i should tell her ASAP or right before she leaves for vacation. Please explain as best you can why you believe it is or isn't a good idea.
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