How do you use your VCS?

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2021.12.09 02:03 zachary1332 How do you use your VCS?

I am curious how all of you use your VCS.

I personally installed an M.2 with Linux in mine and i also have an external HDD with an emulation station set up on it. I pretty much never use the stock Atari firmware anymore, but I still have it installed.

Do you use the stock firmware, or have you installed an HDD with an OS? If the latter what OS did you choose?
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2021.12.09 02:03 Notmuggleborn Having multiple paths, which give of the metal effect how can i combine them so that it works in svg format as it ends up being multiple vectors

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2021.12.09 02:03 kdmg12 Is it normal to miss your dog while on vacation? 😂🥺😭

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2021.12.09 02:03 Kyrian1002 Lucky to be alive

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2021.12.09 02:03 Bonus1Fact 🌎⚡ #schumannresonance Tomsk, Russia December 9th 2021, 5:00AM UTC

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2021.12.09 02:03 L1fe1sPa1n Looking for a vrc avi like this

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2021.12.09 02:03 caura156 I saw someone outside my window at night

This happened last night. I’ve been trying to sleep for an hour and I can’t because I know there is someone watching my house or me/my roommate, and the police have not communicated with me about it at all.
It was around 8:30 pm last night when I was at my kitchen table eating in front of the window (which is facing the side of my house). We have no lights on the side of the house so it was pitch black. All of a sudden I saw a small light from a screen come on from outside, like the size of maybe an Apple Watch? It moved out of sight and I thought maybe I was seeing a reflection. Until not even 2 seconds later when the light was back, but this time directly in front of me. I stared out the window trying to figure out what I was looking at, when a green dot appeared a bit above the screen. My first thought was that I was being recorded, and I immediately moved out of the way and ran upstairs into my roommates room, only to find she wasn’t home.
I wasn’t sure if I should call the cops, but this isn’t the first time something weird has happened. A few weeks prior, my friend told me that while she was walking into my house late at night, she was approached by a man dressed in all black with a black mask on who came from behind my house. In hindsight, I should have called the police then. I guess I was afraid that it wasn’t a serious problem but I know now that it is. I’ve also heard noises outside late at night like someone is walking around, and I’ve been having extremely vivid dreams that I’m being watched/followed/ house being broken into and when I call the police they don’t do much at all.
Anyways, I ended up calling the police. I went to my room and saw outside that my street was blocked off because of another incident in the block over, so I felt safer knowing there was so many officers nearby. I wouldn’t have even known the police arrived if I didn’t go back downstairs and see two of them standing in my driveway. They didn’t ring the doorbell to ask me any questions, I didn’t even see them walking around the house to check. I only heard them yell to my neighbor to come out of the house with their hands up. I still don’t know if it was related to the incident I called about. When the dispatcher called me, he said that I would receive a call from an officer to learn more about the investigation. This was more than a 24 hours ago, and I’ve called twice now to get some info. All in all, the police officers came and left without saying a single word to me. Whenever I call, I’m told that I will get a call back.
Earlier today, I decided to check and see if there were boot prints in the ground from the night before. I honestly wasn’t surprised to see boot prints exactly where I thought I saw someone standing, but this time, it was imprinted in the freshly fallen snow! So this tells me whoever this was last night was also here this morning after it snowed. I cannot sleep knowing that this person is still out here, I don’t know if they also climb up on our ladder and look through our bedroom windows... this is a LITERAL nightmare of mine. And not only that, but I also got a text from a random number of a dead hanging deer today. Like wtf. So yeah that’s my past 24 hours. Does anyone have any advice on what to do? I’m so scared of being in this house alone.
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2021.12.09 02:03 SauceCheeks Cozy Miz Christmas

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2021.12.09 02:03 MTA_R Ben takes CONTROL | Ben.exe (Part 1)

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2021.12.09 02:03 Bri_le A lil early #tbt gift

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2021.12.09 02:03 MichaelShade3D All maps callouts (from 2019)

Back in 2019 I played in amateur teams and tried my best in competitive Overwatch.
So... found it in my files. Maybe some of you will need it.
Most information was taken from different site but I added some more maps.
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2021.12.09 02:03 Interesting_Tea_3178 Car shakes while driving above 60mph.. any ideas?

As stated car gets kinda shaken from what feels like the driver side above 60mph kinda paranoid to drive it around but I don’t have a choice I have to work… any ideas what it could be?
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2021.12.09 02:03 SinomodStudios Scored this at a second hand store today!

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2021.12.09 02:03 ShitAss17 Please read (also no hate to my friend plz-) link of YouTube channel in comments

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2021.12.09 02:03 ElectricalSet6840 Cody From the Travis Scott Episode with my first post. This picture by Da Vinci that looks like Ethan. (Hopefully not too low effort)

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2021.12.09 02:03 zanmato145 It's Probably too late to join the party, but here is my story, my experiences, and how I got out of my depression through these experiences.

Cw:suicide attempt
First off, I apologize deeply, because I wanted to get this out much sooner, months sooner. But I couldn't bring myself to do it. I made excuses. No more excuses.
I am 35 years old, I live a below average life. I work a basic job 60ish hours a week, I smoke marijuana, Ive never done any hard drugs, except LSD, once, about a year or so ago.
My story will have alot of back and forth, possibly explaining certain people and their relevance. I don't know how long this is going to be, but it'll probably be a long read. I couldn't remember my login, so I'm using my phone to upload this instead of a laptop, so sorry for the typos and whatnot.
I was never religious, I hated church growing up. Bad experiences and being forced to go as a child, and be in the plays, choir, against my will, made me grow alot of hate towards it.
I never even really knew of spirituality, honestly. I was just your typical black kid who grew up in the ghetto. Kinda. Anyways, about 3years ago I made an attempt to take my own life. I was fed up with everything. The choice was made simply because I DID NOT want to deal with what was going on.
I moved after recovering to a new state, with a close friend of mine. I got a new job and began getting back on my feet.
I didn't learn my lesson and started dealing with the exact same things that always put me in a depressive mindset. I ended up losing my job and feeling worthless all over again. I spent a good month or so sleeping all day and only leaving my room to use the bathroom or attempt to eat.
Here comes experience #1 2019. I was so sure of myself that I was going to do something to myself again. But all of a sudden I started thinking of my dad, and what he told me the last time I tried to hurt myself.
"Just ask God for an answer next time. I know you don't believe in God, but just ask him for an answer next time you feel this way."
I'm not close to my family at all. We have no relationship, they don't know anything about me. The only thing they could tell people about me is "He was a smart and quiet kid".
But at that moment I felt like I owed giving it a try. So I sat there on the floor, and I said out loud "You know, I'm really going to get it right this time. If you want me to be here, you need to TELL ME RIGHT NOW". I was laughing and crying, I was finally desperate enough to ask an invisible force for an answer.
Then I simply fell asleep. I don't remember even laying down, but I fell asleep. When I woke up, my tv was on, and it was on Twitch. In case you didn't know what twitch is, it's a streaming service to watch people play video games.
Now it was on a channel of a streamer who ONLY plays super Nintendo games. But for this moment, he was playing a game on playstation called "Final fantasy Tactics" an actual personal favorite of mine.
Now, please listen to me. This game is really dear to me. I used the name "Malak" in the early 2000s on an online game, Phantasy Star online. He was my favorite character in this game. The exact scene I woke up to was this
It starts at 8:15. I really urge you to watch that scene to completion, but if you don't, that's fine. I'll explain it here.
Malak gets killed prior to that scene, right when he finally decides for the first time in his life to "do the right thing". As they are mourning his death, the holy stone stars emitting a loud noise, and you see a bright light come down and enter his body. The stone revived him and basically told him it's not his time to die yet.
That's what I woke up to. It was beautiful. I sat there and cried. I asked for a sign and I got one. At that moment, I no longer felt like I was alone at all. Something existed that wanted me to be alive and it gave me the proof the instant I asked. I pleaded, I demanded it... And it happened. I was so confused, I felt so loved, worried, scared. So many emotions. And all of a sudden a memory came back.
There was a girl I dated in trade school around 2011. I was a piece of crap and treated her bad, and in return she treated me bad. It was toxic. She messaged me again around 2015 asking to hang out. Something I never expected. I went to hang out With her and she was a 100% different person. She was so kind and sweet, and we just talked about how shitty we were to each other. Apologized to eachother, and went on our lives and didn't talk much again.
The reason I didn't talk to her much after that, she would send me the craziest texts at random times. I still have the messages on my old phone haha. Texts would ve things like "I am you and you are me." "You are the creator" "I am the creator" just stuff I saw as "stupid" at the time.
Now let's get back to experience one, the back story of this ex was important. The next day at work I remembered all those texts she would send me, and I thought to myself, "maybe she would be able to explain to me what happened". During my lunch break I decided to break my silence and call her.
As soon as she picked up, I already felt stupid even thinking about asking her about what I saw that night. So instead of a regular conversation, I said "Nevermind, sorry for calling you. I was gonna ask you something but I feel silly. Forget I called". And before I could hang up, she says "Hey Michael, can I tell you about a dream I had last night?"
So I say sure, I'm going to try and type out her response the best I remember it.
"I had a dream that I was a little girl, and I was new to a school. When I walked into class, the teacher told everybody it was nap time, and that we were going to take a nap on the roof. So we all went upstairs to the roof. We all laid down and went to sleep. All of a sudden a giant light appeared in the sky and started speaking to us. It said "WAKE UP. IM NOT FORCING YOU TO WAKE UP. BUT IF YOU WANT TO WAKE UP, YOU CAN" So me and a little black boy got up, held hands, and left the school."
Now, if you didn't watch the video, please I urge you to do so now. it starts at 8:15.
I couldn't even speak for a moment. Her dream, was literally a modern day carbon copy of what I woke up and saw on twitch. After she told me the story, I told her exactly what I woke up to, after making that demand. She then laughed at me... Told me she was glad I finally woke up, and hung up the phone.
Let me just say, she hates videogames. There is no way she could've created that random dream on the spot that mimicd so perfectly that cutscene.
At that one moment I knew the truth that we are not alone. That more exists. That's when I began to thirst for answers.
I made a decision to move from my friends place, to a state and city that I knew nobody, and start over again. You see, I'm a coward. I run from my problems. So I ran to another place.
I quickly got a new job, and I was still extremely depressed during this time. But a question I began asking absolutely everyone that I had conversations with were "Do you believe in aliens?" I don't know why that was my question, but it's what I asked, somehow I believed it was "aliens" who helped my ex deliver that message to me.
Then I finally asked the right person, a co worker of mine told me she had a video to show me that might give me some answers on aliens. At this point, I still haven't shared my experience with anyone except my ex. This co worker comes to my place after work, I share With her the video I showed you guys, my experience, and she shows me a youtube video of the channeling of The Law Of One. We watched a small bit, she went home, and it wasn't for another few weeks until I actually truly watched the video she was showing me.
Every single word grabbed my attention... I brought the books, I started really, really investing time into each word written In The Law Of One. Answers to so many things I always asked myself were in this book.
Before I go further about The Law Of One, at least all the information given by Ra, all I have to say, in the 30 days it took me to read all 5, I went from a depressed, angry, anxious, nervous wreck, into someone completely different.
This book taught me how to heal myself, it taught me why I felt the way I did all the time. Spirituality became a huge part of me so fast. I actually ended up helping alot of my friends I made out here heal. And not too long ago, I even had a decent sized group of people who would meet up with me and we'd discuss these things.
Now let me skip this mumbo jumbo and get you into Experience 2. This happened this year.
So when I moved to where I am now, I didn't really tell anyone. I had my friend drop me off at the airport, I didn't let anyone know, I completely got rid of my phone, and still dont have an active phone plane. I use my phone rarely nowadays. And only when near wi fi, more on that later.
When I started reaching back out to friends, after nearly 6 months of being MIA, one particular friend decided to come down and see me. This was a day I almost dropped everything and went back to where I moved from.
It's really really hard for me to speak about spirituality with my friends before this big move. I lived a very different life style and carried a completely different type of image. So when I finally broke down everything do her, she got extremely irate with me.
"You're wasting your time. What you're doing is stupid. Everyone misses you and you're chasing something make believe" she gave me an earfull and it was so bad that I started to believe that I was actually crazy...
I explained to her how I'm not even depressed anymore, how I don't even get negative thoughts very often, how these teachings taught me to love life again.
But each time she got angrier and angrier... And then she says "what the hell is that???" And she points behind me and up in the sky.
It was an EXTREMELY clear night. There was nothing in the sky. No clouds, nothing... Except what she was point at. When I turned around and looked, we saw 3 very tiny distinct clouds, forming a triangle. They stood out SO CLEAR. They looked like prop clouds to be honest with you. I want to say they looked very stupid and out of place. The ONLY thing in the sky, were those 3 clouds...
And that's when it happened, these clouds all lit up into perfect circular lights. And then went out... Then they began to one at a time go from bright perfect circular light, back into a cloud...
The thing that drove me crazy that night, as we are watching these 3 clouds light up and dim down again, people were walking by us, obviously they could hear us talking about what we were seeing, but no one else paid any mind to it. No one else cared to look. We were not in a remote area. This was in a city right in front of a major hotel.
This is the one experience I actually have footage of. It's stored on a phone that I've retired, specifically to keep it just in that one place to show people in person.
This moment was so dear to me, because I felt like it appeared to back me up. To keep me from giving up, because I was ready to. That feeling of over flowing love once again began to flow through me.
Experience #3 2021.
This happened during a time where I wasn't really focused on my spirituality, I was too busy with work and I think during this time I was doing close to 65+ hours a week. I was exhausted and didn't make the time.
I went to my bedroom to take a nap, and I jumped face first into the bed. I buried my face so deep into my pillow. I closed my eyes... And I had a super tiny ringing in my ear. Then the ringing got louder, and louder, and all of a sudden I can hear a plane engine. You know that noise when plane engines start winding up? That REEEEEEEEE. Now multiply that by probably 100thousand.
This noise got so unbelievably loud that I thought my head was going to explode. I was clinching my teeth and eyes so hard, and then in one moment I realized "this isn't hurting. Why am I clenching my eyes and teeth" and I relaxed. The noise didn't stop, I didn't pull my face from the pillow at all, I just got extremely relaxed.
I started to get a vision, with my eyes closed. It looked extremely fuzzy, like super blurred out television, but I could make out a figure. Shoulders, neck, arms, like a full figure. The head was a bit longer than usual but nothing out of the ordinary. I think to myself "am I actually seeing this?"
And that's when I hear it "HELLO THERE". I immediately use my arms to push myself off the bed. That "HELLO THERE" Was so clear, so in my head, but it sounded so welcoming and loving... And again, that feeling of overflowing love takes over me again...
I am 100% convinced something was speaking to me. I did not create that voice myself.
Just 2 more experiences to go.
Experience 4, this one is rather short. I was trying my hardest to figure out what tried to speak to me, what said hello there. I was sitting out on my patio, and I said out loud "Hey, whoever spoke to me, if you're still there, Im ready to speak to you again".
I go back inside, sit on the couch, and above my tv is a shelf with 3 items on it. Fairly heavy not easily moved items. One of those items shot itself from off the shelf and in front of my tv. These items are so far back, that it would take some force of a push to get it to fall in front of the tv and not in the back.
I have tried to make that same item fall hundreds of times by slamming the patio door, hitting the wall hard on the other side, and the only way to replicate it, is to push the item directly from the back, really hard.
I wasn't ready to talk like how I thought I was, and it freaked me the hell out honestly.
Now for the final experience, which happened this passed weekend. The one that tells me everything I'm doing is tight. Everything. The "good" the "bad" the "questionable". It's all right.
Again, work took over my life, I developed new friendships, and I don't have as much alone time for myself. I do often speak of spirituality, and do my best to pull people from the hell inside their minds, but I would say I was slacking ALOT lately.
I went hiking with a friend, and we get really really high up, and sit on a rock and the peak, it was such a beautiful view. The trees, they were amazing too. So tall.
One thing I've actively worked on consistently, is seeing auras. It hasn't gone well, and I've gotten subpar results.
When I looked between 2 trees, I was getting visuals. It looked like I was able to see the trees auras. Well a dim outline of them. And I'm thinking "well at least I can see their auras pretty clearly" then, all of a sudden I notice the longer I stare, the more vivid the visuals begin to get. I look to my friend and ask her can she see what I'm seeing, maybe it's a weather trick.
And she says she sees absolutely nothing but trees and sky. I begin to see ALOT of extremely transparent, colorful rectangles, and it looks like they are moving extremely fast away from me. You know the start trek hyperdrive where they see all black, and the stars are just lines zooming by? Instead of a black background, it was a clear blue sky, with rectangles with extremely soft rainbow colors going by. It was so beautiful.
Again, I ask her again can she see this, she says no, so I'm sitting here describing what I'm seeing to her, I tell her I think I'm going crazy, and as soon as I say that, I see beautiful sparkles start falling. All I can say is it looked like thousands and thousands of fireflies AND the rectangles. Now the rectangles are pulsing with so many colors.
The colors aren't vivid at all, they are soft colors, like all the colors are shadings.
I hold my hand out in front of me so I can see if what I'm seeing is right in front of me, or at a distance. I can't see it in front of my hand so I know the visuals are far away from me and not directly INSIDE my eyeballs.
I can't tell you how long I sat there watching, but I Do know that overflowing love feeling was swelling up inside me at that moment, it was beautiful. I didn't even realize I was crying until my friend was wiping tears from my eyes.
This last experience, really did a number on me. One goal I always had for myself "I want to see what's on the other side, With my human eyes." And I feel like I'm getting there.
Ever since discovering the law of one, I've developed techniques to identify how exactly each of our individual minds work. I want to introduce a technique to the world that doesn't use religion, or spirituality key words that don't scare people away. I learned it's hard to talk about these things with alot of people.
I got myself out of depression in about 30 days of putting in actual work. I spent at LEAST 2 hours a day working on training my mind. I did this by giving up my car, and walking to and from work every day. It's about 1hr 20 mins each way walking.
I forced myself to have the alone time by walking, to ponder and work on myself. I had 0 distractions walking to and from work. Especially at night, I got off work around 10 so it was so peaceful.
I'm sorry if this is really long, or mixed up, or doesn't make much sense. But this is my experience, and it doesn't end here.
If you have any questions or want any greater detail on anything, I'm an open book.
One thing I want to add, before discovering spirituality, I wasn't living my best life. I was chasing the wrongs things to try and be happy. I was using people, I was never grateful for anything. I took advantage of people when I could.
Since I've moved where I am now, I've dedicated as much of my time as I can to helping people. My ultimate goal, create techniques and skills to help ANYONE heal themselves.
I can't believe I'm happy. I really can't. If you're not happy, you can be to. I promise. It took me my whole life to realize that.
Anyways, I've been staring at my phone too long. I wish you all the best.
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2021.12.09 02:03 TheFallingAnvil20 The Hive Part 1- Just Build

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2021.12.09 02:03 urbanpotion Looking for guidance on where to find the rules for updated secondaries. I’m still using the ones out of the core rule book.

Looking for guidance on where to find the rules for updated secondaries. I’m still using the ones out of the core rule book.
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2021.12.09 02:03 Prof_Void Sequence of 45 min candles, 4 hour candles, and daily candles. “When in Doubt Zoom Out: Charts Left to Right Shows the Bigger Picture.” I hope this helps when you think the sky is falling.

Sequence of 45 min candles, 4 hour candles, and daily candles. “When in Doubt Zoom Out: Charts Left to Right Shows the Bigger Picture.” I hope this helps when you think the sky is falling. submitted by Prof_Void to ShytoshiWorld [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 02:03 MaxDubs7 Under-oiling or over-oiling?

How do I know if I've under-oiled the bat? Because it feels like it's not bouncing back on the mallet as well as it did the day before.
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2021.12.09 02:03 danielfolife Lil Unky "Remember Me" ft. Playboi Carti all snippets

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2021.12.09 02:03 slashy_potato_mashy you ever angry then sad because you're angry then feel like an asshole for being angry in the first place

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2021.12.09 02:03 anaonmise I mourn myself.

I’m dead. The person I was and loved is dead. Is this self pity? Am I pitiful? All I am is a memory lost long ago and I feel like I’m trying to spell that loss.
Why is it so hard to be somebody and to feel that same body.
I want to set my memory free, to break my chain of sorrow.
I can’t see. I’m blinded by my own.
I can see myself trying to break out from his own constrains and it saddens me to know the pain that he goes through.
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2021.12.09 02:03 Narrow_Research8000 LETS TAKE OFF ON THIS GME DIP‼️ 🚀

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2021.12.09 02:03 svanapps r/Bitcoin - Jeff Booth on InvestAnswers

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