af3ae 8hb98 b25e4 rss4f n3rs2 tt66z h6687 96db5 bds6i fi42a 9b4rt n8bh4 2sztn sshyt bz2tr 8343n 53rtd 98aae 53zrf a73hr hib75 [YouShouldKnow] YSK that workers all over the US are showing an increased interest in unionization and if you want to support this undercurrent, the best you can do is to boycott a company's products when that company shown to take union-busting or, in general, anti-union measures |

[YouShouldKnow] YSK that workers all over the US are showing an increased interest in unionization and if you want to support this undercurrent, the best you can do is to boycott a company's products when that company shown to take union-busting or, in general, anti-union measures

2021.12.09 00:25 Know_Your_Shit_v2 [YouShouldKnow] YSK that workers all over the US are showing an increased interest in unionization and if you want to support this undercurrent, the best you can do is to boycott a company's products when that company shown to take union-busting or, in general, anti-union measures

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2021.12.09 00:25 Tauino yo its my cake day

bottom text
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2021.12.09 00:25 MickeyRipple What is the worst movie you've ever watched, and wanted your money/time back?

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2021.12.09 00:25 DoctorSusanCalvin overview for lnteresting_Potato

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2021.12.09 00:25 LordRixky Anyone knows what trainer has a Tangela in BD? need it for sinnoh dex

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2021.12.09 00:25 ps1_Hagrid02 Based kid

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2021.12.09 00:25 I_eat_fiberglass Is this a good plan?

Hello, Internet strangers! Me and my girlfriend are planning on moving to San Francisco after high school, mostly for job oppurtunities. The problem is, a box on the side of the street costs almost my body weight in gold per month of rent, so I need to know if I've planned this out right! Thanks in advance if you respond!
So I'm driving all the way across the country, and I actually plotted the route I'll take so I only hit states where I can legally sleep in my car. (Meant to cut down on plane ticket and hotel fees). My girlfriend is around the middle of the journey, so we'll drive together when I reach her state. Once we get to our apartment, we'll sell the highest value car for rent. I picked out an apartment that's within walking distance of everything I'll need, including food and school. My girlfriend will take the remaining car to school, which halves the cost of gas and rent.
It halves rent because we'll be in a one bedroom apartment, for rent purposes only. That's the only reason, it's just- It's cheaper that way! That is the only reason.
I'll pay for rent doing drone piloting, which I've read makes more than enough for rent in California! I already have a drone and I've been getting pretty good at photography, so that seems like my only possible option to keep up with $2,500 a month.
Is this a good plan? Am I leading me and my girlfriend to utter poverty because I'm overlooking some massive flaw in my plan? That's a pretty big gamble to take, so any input is appreciated! Have a nice day/night/birthday! <3
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2021.12.09 00:25 estatic707 Uncontrollable MSI 1660 Ti Fans

Hello, I picked up what appears to be a basically new MSI 1660 Ti Gaming taken out of a pre-built locally for a good price to add to my mining rig (windows 10 with nicehash, not Quick Miner). I turned off the rig, switched it in for a 1070 that didn't give me any problems, and turned the rig on. Everything seemed normal, the fans sped up while the rig was booting, then went into 0 rpm mode while there was no load. I put in my standard OC and power settings for a 1660 Ti in afterburner (60%, -400 core, +1100 mem, and AUTO fan control) and then started the benchmarks. Curiously, the fans didn't come on, but the temperature also didn't break 57C during benchmarking.
Then it started mining Eth and the fans where still off (and showed 0 on Afterburner). Then, it hit some temperature threshold that I think was 60C and the fans immediately went to 100% cooling it down to where its stayed below 36C the past 12 hours, but Afterburner shows the fans at 0. Switching Afterburner to manual mode and trying to set them does nothing, restarting the rig sees them acting normal until somewhere between windows logging in and Afterburner starting but not mining, they ramp up to 100%. I moved it to another PCIe riser slot and again it was quite until it hit a temp threshold while mining.
I've never had this issue with any card before including my MSI gaming 2070, 1660 Supers, or Gigabyte 1660 Ti. The rig sits in my common area and normally is pretty darn quite, but now this one GPU is being really loud. What could be going on, how do I regain control of these fans lol?
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2021.12.09 00:25 seoulmatee Reshiram Raid adding 10 - 4742 4889 1635 or 3134 7269 1573

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2021.12.09 00:25 DoughnutUnable3074 Last breath in Deltarune Kris: Uhhhh Sans?

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2021.12.09 00:25 typewriter6 Stoicism.

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2021.12.09 00:25 dchac002 Anyone have luck with this polish? It’s super chunky and hard to use

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2021.12.09 00:25 ninjapoodle1245 LAW TRANSFER

hi ! i want to xfer to bachelor of law but only got a WAM of 70 on the dot... i really think its highly unlikely for me to get into law now but has anyone also gotten into law with a low wam ? :( im xfering from bachelor of business btw..
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2021.12.09 00:25 auggs Why does everyone sleep on Koby?

I mean he endured rigorous training under the strongest marine - Garp the Hero. His ambition and will are no joke, he stood up to Alvida when he felt certain death as a consequence. Since the timeskip we've seen him move faster than a torpedo underwater and manhandle it. He went from Marine Captain to Rear Admiral in only months. He even captured Rebecca's heart and earned approval of Kyros. Not to mention he's a part of SWORD which maybe spoilers we consider Drake to be one the strongest tobi roppo who is also a part of SWORD . So you put all of these things together and you get a sense of a man on a clear path to becoming an admiral. I just wonder why people say anything but this?
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2021.12.09 00:25 CobaltCrusader123 King Lear film/recording recommendations?

Never read/saw King Lear, and it's one of the few Shakespeare plays where I don't know exactly what happens (past the very beginning and very end). The way I like to experience Shakespeare plays for the first time is in complete text (or as close to it as possible) against a different setting than Shakespeare intended (I love the Branagh and Essiedu Hamlets for this reason). Are there any King Lear films/ stage recordings that fall into this camp? Or there iterations that fall outside of my criteria, but are so good I should watch them anyway? I hear Peter Brook's movie is the definitive film version.
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2021.12.09 00:25 th0tweiler S6E12: My Thoughts (SPOILERS!)

Tonight was hard for me :)
BANANA SPLIT: I take back what I said about Pepper, THIS is the biggest robbery of the season. They killed it each and every week and I was so sad to see them go, I was really hoping my other favorites would make it to the finale. Either way, these two are one of my all-time favorite contestants and I’m so happy they went out with a bang. Only thing I’m upset about is Banana didn’t do anything tonight (he confirmed in an interview he does actually play piano during performances).
QUEEN OF HEARTS: Honestly I wasn’t big on it. Her last performance has grown on me, but I just didn’t really vibe with this one. She does have a lot of emotion and power in her voice though.
BANANA SPLIT (and Robin): Weakest of all the duets, mostly because Robin kept singing over Split the whole time which was really bugging me because she was way better than him.
QUEEN OF HEARTS (and Nicole): Was it just me or did she not hit those high notes right? That kind of bugged me but overall very solid.
Congrats to Queen of Hearts, but I can’t help but be sad for Banana Split :( I love Kat is extremely talented and I love her in just about everything she’s in so I’m very sad to see her go :/ here’s hoping Bull wins next week though, see y’all at the finale!
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2021.12.09 00:25 comeinhereye AE question

So two questions. I have enough AL and AW to buy miss pink elf at a discount should I do it even though I missed out on her weapon for now.
Other question is are AE stamps more valuable than BKE stamps. Basically which one benefits the most from level up past S.
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2021.12.09 00:25 mtfltl what happens if i fail chem

i’m an envi sci & management major but i’m going to switch to design so i won’t need chem as a major req soon. there’s a possibility i’ll fail chem and idk how worried i should be. :/
i know i can retake it and get a new grade on my transcript, but idk if it’s worth it. i’m incredibly bad at chem. i’ve studied ten hours every day since friday and i’m still not understanding. i rewatch lectures 3-4 times each too. i go to office hours, tutoring, ask questions, etc. i just don’t think it’s possible for me to improve.
how bad does ur gpa get if u fail a class? i’m taking four classes (13 units) and chem is the one w the most units. i’m not going to grad school.
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2021.12.09 00:25 Tool_Head4723 Update to my last post

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2021.12.09 00:25 Proper_Research2790 I’m in love with my boyfriend, but I have a crush on a girl?

Listen, okay, I have always since forever thought I had been straight. There has never been a day in my life where I considered I could crush on girls until, this year. And, I find myself losing interest in guys completely (they’re attractive ofc) but they’re nothing compared to this girl I’ve started to develop feelings for.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I am in love with my boyfriend. We’re naming our future kids, decided we’d get married and I know he’s my last love.
But there’s this girl.
God, and she’s just.. like, at first, I thought, “Oh, wow, she’s hot I wish I looked like her.” And then I began talking to her, and fuck, I lose myself when I see her. My heart speeds up, and I trip over my words and I gush. She’s just so.. AH, you know?
Me and my boyfriend? We’re long distance. Have been for two years. We’ve seen each other maybe twice every year, he’s beautiful, he’s so handsome and I want to have my kids with him, I want HIM. But ever since this girl who’s just intoxicated my brain.. I start to doubt.
What do I do? I can’t tell my boyfriend! And I can’t act on my crush.. do I endure? Do I give up? Do I tell her?
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2021.12.09 00:25 The_Bookkeeper1984 Found this on r/memes

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2021.12.09 00:25 aquatoll Install problem halo infinite

Trying to pay halo infinite campaign on gamepass, when I add the campaign to downloads it just vanishes. The original multiplayer game is still downloading. Do I need to wait for that to finish before adding the campaign?
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2021.12.09 00:25 jobsinanywhere Female body pulled from an underwater car in a dramatic recovery at the edge of Niagara Falls | New York

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2021.12.09 00:25 UnnaipolOruvan Interesting conspiracy theory that you have come across?

We all have come across some interesting conspiracy theory from facebook whatsapp. Mine was shared by an uncle about Illuminati that they control all the people and always watch us through television screen and their symbol is everywhere for example big boss eye.
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2021.12.09 00:25 kiski_daily_garfield O

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